[postgis-users] Status of OGR & PostGIS?

C F gis_consultant at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 3 16:31:22 PDT 2002

Perhaps somebody could clarify for me what is going on in the OGR world with 
respect to PostGIS.  As I understand it, one of the uses of OGR would be to 
say, convert a shapefile into a PostGIS layer or vice versa... with the real 
value of OGR in being that it it's not limited to that format, you can use 
several formats.  Right?
The OGR site states that PostGIS support is "experimental".  We also have 
available to us, shp2pgsql/pgsql2shp from the PostGIS team.  From monitoring 
the list over the last few months, it appears that there is active 
maintenance (bug fixing) on the shp2pgsql utility but have not seen any 
movement or discussion on OGR.

So my question is... does anybody have a feel for how reliable OGR/PostGIS 
is relative to shp2pgsql?  Is there any ongoing development?  Basically, I'd 
much rather use OGR in case I want to expand my list of accepted input 
formats, but I'll be getting shapefiles from a wide variety sources... and 
based on what I've been reading in the list, it sounds like quite a few 
unexpected problems can arise when importing shapefiles.


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