[postgis-users] Status of OGR & PostGIS?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 4 11:40:52 PDT 2002

Tyler Mitchell wrote:

>Frank is right, I've used it fairly successfully in the past month or so.
>The main limitations I was having were related to field and table naming.
>But otherwise, it works slick.  Frank, perhaps you could comment on some of
>the recent changes.  I couldn't readily find a changelog.  Also could you
>provide me a link to the bugzilla, so I can file the naming issue.

I am afraid I can't remember all the changes I made myself.  They 
include more complete
quoting for column names so that oddly named columns didn't screw stuff 
up, and support
for treating the direct request of a general SQL query as a feature 
layer (via the
-sql commandline switch to ogrinfo or ogr2ogr).  

Bugs can be submitted in via the GDAL bugzilla entering link:


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