[postgis-users] Re: [CYGWIN] No source files from which to build Postgis extension

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Wed Apr 9 08:19:44 PDT 2003

Jason Tishler writes:
> > > I used the attached patch to the PostGIS Makefile to workaround this
> > > "problem." Is this cockpit error on my part?  Or, is the patch
> > > really necessary?
> > 
> > AH... Your makefile patch is the correct solution :-)
> My patch is a workaround *not* the solution.  It appears that the
> following Makefile line attempted to deal with this issue:
>     override DLLLIBS := $(BE_DLLLIBS) $(DLLLIBS)
> However, the above does not seem to work (anymore).

true sigh....
> Additionally, my patch does not handle the Proj4 case.
> > TO PostGIS maintainers Please apply this patch to the PostGIS makefile
> PostGIS maintainers, please do not apply this patch as is.  I'm willing
> to help develop a real patch, if there is interest.

Plenty of interest !

Any help making PostGIS installation as easy and platform independent
as possible will be *appreciated* :-)

Let us know where we can help. 

Thanks again


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