[postgis-users] About $libdir

strk strk at freek.keybit.net
Fri Apr 11 08:22:29 PDT 2003

benjamin.thelen wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks again, it was very helpful and I beginn to understand correlations.
> I use postgis 0.7.4.
> Maybe it is my fault. I am running FreeBSD 4.7, installed postgresql via the
> FreeBSD Ports-Collection, but downloaded the official tar.gz and compiled
> it. I also downloaded the FreeBSD-Port, but I suppose, as this is much, much
> smaller than the official that this tar.gz. will not work. I think, that the
> port mainly consists of a Makefile and some little more information, but the
> code is downloaded at installation time. But I couldn't find out from where.

... so postgis used the Makefile of the official package to find out
where to be installed and it got it wrong ...

I think you should be able to compile and install postgres and postgis
without using explicit ports. Download the offical packages and give
them a try. Anyway... you should have no problems in using postgis
with your actual installation.


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