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Benjamin Thelen benjamin.thelen at ccgis.de
Fri Apr 11 07:43:51 PDT 2003


thanks again, it was very helpful and I beginn to understand correlations.

I use postgis 0.7.4.

Maybe it is my fault. I am running FreeBSD 4.7, installed postgresql via the
FreeBSD Ports-Collection, but downloaded the official tar.gz and compiled
it. I also downloaded the FreeBSD-Port, but I suppose, as this is much, much
smaller than the official that this tar.gz. will not work. I think, that the
port mainly consists of a Makefile and some little more information, but the
code is downloaded at installation time. But I couldn't find out from where.


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> benjamin.thelen wrote:
> > Hi, thanks again!
> >
> > Ok, I moved /usr/local/pgsql/lib/libpostgis.* (incl. the symlink) to
> > /usr/local/lib/postgresql and used postgis.sql with $libdir and
> it worked in
> > the same way like with absolute path. So, we were successful.
> But that too
> > means that this is a bug in the installation of postgis?
> Might be.. a "conceptual" but. I don't know what version of postgis
> you are installing, if it is the latest version we should involve
> Paul Ramsey in this discussion. Paul ?
> >
> > With which command would I use this -L switch, you recommended
> to use below?
> > The linker, who is it? But I don't need to do that anymore?
> >
> No. you don't need it. The linker is needed when making an executable
> from a set of objects that contain calls to function libraries, see ld(1).
> >
> > According to the statement, that postgis is an extension AND is compiled
> > against postgresql, I can't decide on my own where to install
> postgis. Is
> > pkglibdir then just an official recommendation then, as you
> write "should"
> > be installed in --pkglibdir? But, as postgis.sql didn't work, it is more
> > then a recommendation.
> >
> pkglibdir is just an official recommendation. If postgis.sql did not
> work is probably because postgis has been packaged with a bit
> of confusion about whether or not to follow the raccomendation and
> how.
> > How can I find out, where I installed postgis? You wrote "I thought your
> > postgis got installed in `pg_config --libdir` but I understand now it's
> > not." I don't. :-). I now suppose, that postgis was correctly installed
> > into --pkglibdir (where can I configure that?), but did copy
> libpostgis.so*
> > into the wrong directory.
> Installing postgis "means" copying libpostgis.so* somewhere.
> I don't know how to tell postgis where to be installed, it seems
> to me that the installation path is taken from the postgres Makefile
> which is included on top of the postgis Makefile. The way it is taken
> though, might not be the right one (to follow recommendations).
> I suggest (to the packager) to avoid using postgres source tree at all
> if possible (not always the source tree reflects the installation layout)
> and use pg_config instead.
> Any comments about this Paul ?
> >
> > Thanks very much,
> > Benjamin
> >
> >
> > PS: I still get this output below using postgis.sql. I just ask in case
> > there is any relation. Otherwise I think it will be a new
> posting as soon as
> > I see something what I need is not working in postgis.
> >
> Let it be a new posting :)
> --strk;
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