[postgis-users] compilation problem with postgresql7.4 + post gis 0.8

Laurent Perez downloader at free.fr
Thu Dec 4 02:07:55 PST 2003

>I see one problem. You say that you are compiling PostGIS to be used with 
>PostgreSQL 7.3.4, but PostGIS is compiling for PostgreSQL 7.4.

Sorry this was a typo, I am using 7.4, not 7.3.4 at all ;(

>The projects.h header file that the compile is complaining about is 
>associated with Proj4 support. Do you have the Proj4 libraries installed? 
>Are these libraries installed at /usr/local/include? Have you modified the 
>PostGIS Makefile to properly point to your GEOS and Proj4 install locations?

Where can I find those Proj4 and GEOS projects ? README.postgis did not 
mention them, am I supposed to install both before Postgis ?

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