[postgis-users] Postgis 0.8.0 QueryByRect Problem

Stefano Bonnin shpr at libero.it
Wed Dec 10 04:31:30 PST 2003


when I do a querybyrect I receive the following error:

Warning: [MapServer Error]: msPOSTGISLayerGetShape(): Error executing POSTGIS SQL statement (in FETCH ALL): DECLARE mycursor BINARY CURSOR FOR SELECT asbinary(force_collection(force_2d(the_geom)),'NDR') from (SELECT the_geom,gid,type,name,value from edtlyr_pozzi_1 WHERE site_id = 7799) as foo WHERE gid = 40716 -ERROR: cursor "mycursor" already exists 
More Help:
Error with POSTGIS data variable. You specified ''.
Standard ways of specifiying are : 
(1) 'geometry_column from geometry_table' 
(2) 'geometry_column from (<sub query>) as foo using unique <column name> using SRID=<srid#>' 

Make sure you put in the 'using unique <column name>' and 'using SRID=#' clauses in. 

I have just upgraded the software to:

postgis 0.8.0, Mapserver 4.0.1, Postgres 7.4

my previous platform was

postgis 0.7.5 Mapserver 4.0, Postgres 7.3
in this platform there were no problems.

I see another question like this in the maling list but not answered. Is this a bug or something in changed in postgis 0.8.0.

I have noticed that the problem appear only when I ask more than one object in the query.

Thanks in advance.


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