[postgis-users] Cygwin installation

BLISS Meredith * DAS CJC Meredith.Bliss at state.or.us
Mon Dec 15 10:18:24 PST 2003

I'm trying to install on WindowsXP under Cygwin, following the "WindowsHowTo," but I'm stuck at the PostgreSQL configuration stage (installing as a service). 

I think I got through the creation of the postgres account and "log on as a service," though without explicit directions for how to do this, I'm not at all confident that I've done it correctly! If I log off XP from my user account (network account) and log in as postgres (local machine account) and run initdb, it creates the expected folders, but fails on executing /usr/bin/postgres (the executable is actually /bin/postgres) and then bails out. Suggestions?

Meredith L. (Bud) Bliss, Research Analyst
Oregon Criminal Justice Commission

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