[postgis-users] Cygwin installation

TECHER Jean David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 15 17:45:35 PST 2003


I use the same configuration as you do :)

I don't know if it could be a great help for you but

1 did you put "C:\Cygwin\bin" at the beginning of the PATH
 of your machine ?

2 what option did you do with initdb <option> ??? But i didn't succeed in
install postgresql as service

One of ways I did to lunch/stop  PostgreSQL in cygwin is to

open the file c:\cygwin\etc\bash.bashrc and add

alias startpsql='ipc-daemon &'
alias lunchpsql='pg_ctl start -D /usr/local/data'
alias stoppsql='pg_ctl stop -D /usr/local/data'
alias etatpsql='ps e | grep postgres'
ipc-daemon &
pg_ctl start -D /usr/local/data

Since my initization of postgresql was    initdb -D /usr/local/data   you
have to make the good corrections.

It's different manual ways to know how postgresql is (lunched, stopped...)

If you stopped your terminal cygwin et relunch it this modifications
automatically lunch postgresql

if you want to stop postgresql just type 'stoppsql' in your cygwin terminal

>I'm trying to install on WindowsXP under Cygwin, following the
"WindowsHowTo," but I'm stuck at the PostgreSQL configuration >stage
(installing as a service).

>I think I got through the creation of the postgres account and "log on as a
service," though without explicit directions for >how to do this, I'm not at
all confident that I've done it correctly! If I log off XP from my user
account (network account) >and log in as postgres (local machine account)
and run initdb, it creates the expected folders, but fails on executing
>/usr/bin/postgres (the executable is actually /bin/postgres) and then bails
out. Suggestions?

>Meredith L. (Bud) Bliss, Research Analyst
>Oregon Criminal Justice Commission


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