[postgis-users] Problem with shp2pgsql (MULTILINESTRING 8260 as 1 vertices, set to NULL)

Carlos Ho Shih Ning cning at atech.br
Wed Dec 17 11:27:40 PST 2003


I have been using shp2pgsql pretty successfully with some small nags such as avoiding the use of upper case in the name of a table.

While doing the following command in a Linux machine:
shp2pgsql -d tm_26_set_02 tm_26_set_02 test > tm_26_set_02.sql

I was presented with a repeated list of message:
MULTILINESTRING 5584 as 1 vertices, set to NULL
MULTILINESTRING 5611 as 1 vertices, set to NULL
MULTILINESTRING 5620 as 1 vertices, set to NULL

Obviously the next step would be ineffective (I am using the non-default port 15432):
psql -d test -f  tm_26_set_02.sql -p 15432

How can I solve this problem?

I attached a zip file with the sample shapefile that caused the error.
By the way, I have no problem in loading the shapefile in Jump and ArcView.

thank you in advance
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