[postgis-users] Problem with shp2pgsql (MULTILINESTRING 8260 as 1 vertices, set to NULL)

strk strk at keybit.net
Wed Dec 17 12:48:40 PST 2003

The messages (althought written in non correct english) says
that some of the multilinestrings has just one vertex, being illegal
MultiLineStrings. The number shown is the shape number, and it seems
to be just some of the shapes to have this problem. You should have
no problems in feeding tm_26_set_02.sql to pgsql, you will just have
some NULL records in the resulting table.

Let me know if this is not the case.


message is sen

cning wrote:
> Hi
> I have been using shp2pgsql pretty successfully with some small nags such as avoiding the use of upper case in the name of a table.
> While doing the following command in a Linux machine:
> shp2pgsql -d tm_26_set_02 tm_26_set_02 test > tm_26_set_02.sql
> I was presented with a repeated list of message:
> .....
> MULTILINESTRING 5584 as 1 vertices, set to NULL
> MULTILINESTRING 5611 as 1 vertices, set to NULL
> MULTILINESTRING 5620 as 1 vertices, set to NULL
> .....
> Obviously the next step would be ineffective (I am using the non-default port 15432):
> psql -d test -f  tm_26_set_02.sql -p 15432
> How can I solve this problem?
> I attached a zip file with the sample shapefile that caused the error.
> By the way, I have no problem in loading the shapefile in Jump and ArcView.
> thank you in advance
> Ho
>  <<tm_09_oct_02.zip>> 

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