[postgis-users] cannot dynamically load executable

Pirmin Kalberer pi_ml at sourcepole.com
Fri Dec 19 12:39:44 PST 2003


I'm installing the Debian packages from http://agrogeomatic.educagri.fr/debian 
of postgis on the GIS-Knoppix CD. But when attempting to load postgis.sql I 
get the following error:

Load of file /usr/lib/postgresql/lib/libpostgis.so.0.8 failed: /usr/lib/
postgresql/lib/libpostgis.so.0.8: cannot dynamically load executable

I checked the path, permissions and the dependant libraries, but nothing 

Pirmin Kalberer
sourcepole  -  Linux & Open Source Solutions
pi at sourcepole.com  http://www.sourcepole.com

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