[postgis-users] Modelling Options

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Mon Feb 3 16:38:38 PST 2003

Robert (and all you other scientific/academic types):

There was a posting on [HACKERS] today about PL/R, a server-side binding 
for the R statistical analysis language into PostgreSQL. PL/R allows R 
dataframes to be read in from the database and written back out as 
result sets, with any R anaysis routine in between. (For the 
uninitiated, R is the open source equivalent to SPlus.)  The online 
modelling / analytical possibilities are quite amazing. Web-based 
systems which do on-the-fly ANOVA or GLM analyses and map out the 
results? Just fabulous stuff.

This is the kind of synergy which is just not possible in the 
proprietary world because of companies worrying about their software turf.


Robert W. Burgholzer wrote:
> - Name of the organization
> Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech
> - Data being managed in the database
> Hydrologic Unit information featuring crop info/management/landuse, and 
> watershed/sub-watershed feature data such as flow networks and land areas
> - How the data is being accessed / manipulated
> Through ArcView 3.2 avenue script, and web based PHP interface, to 
> perform hydrologic modeling in a custom PostgreSQL/C hydrology model, 
> and to create input data sets for a Visual Basic Hydrology Model.
> - Why you chose to use PostGIS for the application
> Ease of use, extensibility of Postgres, open source of postGIS, low cost 
> of ownership.

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