[postgis-users] PostGIS Usage Survey

Robert W. Burgholzer rburghol at vt.edu
Mon Feb 3 16:35:19 PST 2003

- Name of the organization
Biological Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech

- Data being managed in the database
Hydrologic Unit information featuring crop info/management/landuse, and 
watershed/sub-watershed feature data such as flow networks and land areas

- How the data is being accessed / manipulated
Through ArcView 3.2 avenue script, and web based PHP interface, to 
perform hydrologic modeling in a custom PostgreSQL/C hydrology model, 
and to create input data sets for a Visual Basic Hydrology Model.

- Why you chose to use PostGIS for the application
Ease of use, extensibility of Postgres, open source of postGIS, low cost 
of ownership.

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