[postgis-users] shp2psql problems

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Feb 4 14:43:56 PST 2003

There is some nasty code which is corrupting the DBF file handle after 
it is opened. Dave thinks probably an array is getting written out of 
bounds. Anyhow, it turns out there is a workaround, and that is to 
rename the file to a shorter name (??!?!). I found three-letter names 
working OK. Jeff has to spend some time communing with a debugger in 
order to track this one down.


Jeff Lounsbury wrote:
> This was an odd one, it appears that by changing the dbf structure(ie,
> deleting a column or two) , the file then loads into postgis fine. Even
> by removing the shape and adding a simple square the same seg fault
> occurs so it is pretty much certain that there is some problem with the
> DBF file itself. Although looking through the dbf file we can't see any
> way that it is particulary different from other in any way?? So it seems
> this is a problem to look at through the shapelib package and the dbf
> reader in that that shp2pgsql uses. Maybe Frank can take a look at that
> DBF and give us some insight into it.
> And if Michel wants to let us know where the shp/dbf files were created
> from, that might help figure it out as well...
> -Jeff
> Laurent Michel wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>I attached to this mail a shapefile (some French adminstrative areas)
>>which shp2psql cannot handle (segmentation error).
>>Thanks in advance for your kind help,

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