[postgis-users] PostGIS Usage Survey

Andrew Hallam ahallam at digitalearth.com.au
Wed Feb 5 15:37:09 PST 2003

> - Name of the organization

Digital Earth Pty Ltd (geospatial and web application development 
consulting, Australia)

> - Data being managed in the database

Weather forecast districts used to dynamically show the location of weather 
warnings. Topographic data (just playing with this).

> - How the data is being accessed / manipulated

MapServer 3.6 used to present maps to browser users - thematically shaded 
polygons and topographic vectors.

JDBC used to update PostgreSQL tables (attributes to spatial data).

Spatial data loaded using shp2pgsql.exe

> - Why you chose to use PostGIS for the application

1. We required a mechanism that would let a Java web application (running 
on Tomcat) update the spatial data attributes.

2. Had to run on Windows or Linux. We ended up using Cygwin to run it on 
Windows 2000.

3. Low cost.

4. Open. OpenGIS leanings, acessible via JDBC, etc.


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