[postgis-users] Migration from SQLServer to PostGIS

Vinko Vrsalovic vinko at cprsig.cl
Wed Feb 5 23:10:57 PST 2003

Hello Vinko,

> 	- Do multiple geom columns on the table, one for each SRID, and
> 	  then write a stored procedure (or a script, or whatever) 
> 	  to build the final table

I guess this should work. (It did, at least it looks like it did, I
still haven't rendered graphically the results)

> 	I've done: 
> 	select * from spatial_ref_sys where proj4text like '%latlon%';
> 	But no results are given.

You didn't obtain results because the PROJ.4 text for latlon is
'longlat' (the SRID is 4326)

Vinko Vrsalovic <el[|- at -|]vinko.cl>

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