[postgis-users] OLE Db Postgis

Carl Anderson candrsn at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 10 17:39:51 PST 2003

Frank Wamerdam  
I dug up a license for VC98 to compile a PostgreSQL client and GDAL.
Your recent changes to CVS for gdal allow a working PostGIS to run. 

I tested using

set PGHOST=pggis.my.net
set PGUSER=myuser
set PGPASS=mypass
   ogrinfo -ro -sql "select * from daccess where geo_oid < 100" 

   sfcdump.exe -provider Softmap.SF.Shape -ds PG:dbname=roads -table 

so both the direct PostgreSQL conenction and the OLE Dd pass through 

things not working:

   I had a table with an invalid datatype id,  it was crashing ogrinfo.
      Error trapping needs to be improved

   Neither access form above allows the environment vars to be embedded

   The -cmd "sql" part of OLE Db is broken

I am willing to put some time into this

what I want to do is add/change things so that I can run
  ogrinfo -ro -sql "select * from bob.daccess where geo_oid < 100"

that would be allowing
   schema names, sql stmts, and extra options
     (ok the example sql stmt already works but I want to fix it for 

I also would like to
    move the table ident routines to use a view pg_tables (created if 
necessary in older PostgreSQLs), so that schema(catalog) support can 
work.  Data
scoping rules are handled by the psuedo table pg_tables in 7.3.

Before I take this on I would like to confirm with the PostGIS list the 
direction re schemas, PostGIS will take.

Carl Anderson
candrsn at mindspring.com

New Hampshire tells us "common sense for all"
     where can I get mine?

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