[postgis-users] PGIS 0.7.4 and PgSQL 7.3

christian.schuster at rsag.ch christian.schuster at rsag.ch
Sun Feb 16 22:57:15 PST 2003

Hi Paul,

I am using Cygwin but did not install the patch. So I looked at the note of
Norman Vine you provided in your email. Then there are two links to the
patch file on that site. But it seems that those sites do not exist
anymore. Do you know where I could get the patch file?


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Are people have problems with 0.7.4? I just did an install to confirm
that I had not accidentally broken anything since my 7.3 work and
everything seems fine on my platform (Linux).

Cygwin users should take note of the comments from Norman Vine regarding
PgSQL 7.3 issues on Cygwin.


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