[postgis-users] PGIS 0.7.4 and PgSQL 7.3

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Mon Feb 17 05:21:02 PST 2003

christian.schuster at rsag.ch writes:
> I am using Cygwin but did not install the patch. So I looked at 
> the note of
> Norman Vine you provided in your email. Then there are two links to the
> patch file on that site. But it seems that those sites do not exist
> anymore. Do you know where I could get the patch file?

Note my message in November was for PostgreSQL 7.2.3

with 7.3.x you only need to add DLLIMPORT to the header
     extern DLLIMPORT double cpu_index_tuple_cost;

I have posted an *unsupported* tarball of the current PostGIS for Cygwin @

I believe this will work the 7.3.2 version of PostgreSQL as well


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