[postgis-users] PGIS 0.7.4 and PgSQL 7.3

Henry Holland hjholland at gmx.net
Tue Feb 18 02:16:57 PST 2003


I've been trying to get postgis working on Cygwin as well. I managed to
get Postgres compiled and running but have had no luck with PostGIS so
far (0.7.4). I get endless undefined references. I've tried changing the
header as you mentioned (below) and have gone through the Windows
PostGIS Howto a couple of times but no luck so far.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with the cygPostGIS_731.tgz. It
looks like a binary package...

I'll attach some of the output from the make below. Perhaps you can give
me some ideas on what to try next. I've got all the Cygwin packages that
the Howto suggested.

postgis_estimate.o(.text+0x1294): In function `genericcostestimate2':
d reference to `_clauselist_selectivity'
/postgis_estimate.c:809: undefined reference to `_cost_qual_eval'
/postgis_estimate.c:809: undefined reference to `_cpu_index_tuple_cost'
/postgis_estimate.c:743: undefined reference to `_listCopy'
/postgis_estimate.c:743: undefined reference to `_nconc'
/postgis_estimate.c:743: undefined reference to `_make_ands_explicit'
/postgis_estimate.c:745: undefined reference to `_canonicalize_qual'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
dllwrap: gcc exited with status 1
make: *** [libpostgis.a] Error 1

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> christian.schuster at rsag.ch writes:
> > 
> > I am using Cygwin but did not install the patch. So I looked at 
> > the note of
> > Norman Vine you provided in your email. Then there are two 
> links to the
> > patch file on that site. But it seems that those sites do not exist
> > anymore. Do you know where I could get the patch file?
> Note my message in November was for PostgreSQL 7.2.3
> with 7.3.x you only need to add DLLIMPORT to the header
>  src/include/optimizer/cost.h:
>      extern DLLIMPORT double cpu_index_tuple_cost;
>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I have posted an *unsupported* tarball of the current PostGIS 
> for Cygwin @
> http://www.vso.cape.com/~nhv/files/postgres/cygPostGIS_731.tgz
> I believe this will work the 7.3.2 version of PostgreSQL as well
> Norman
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