[postgis-users] Re compiling 0.7.4

Michael O'Sullivan mos at i3sp.com
Sun Feb 16 23:53:21 PST 2003

> also I had to change in postgis.sql $libdir to the absolut path to the
>> postgis.dll file.

I had this problem also. I did use the --prefix option to configure to 
install in a non default directory if this impacts things.

I'm on redhat linux 8.0.

Apart from that - seems to work fine.

While on the subject of postgres 7.3.x and postgis 0.7.4 the JDBC 
drivers have had quite a rewrite. I'm happy to send updated doco
to list for postgis JDBC FAQ entry.



Michael O'Sullivan <mos at i3sp.com>
"A good man always knows his limitations" - HC

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