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Obe, Regina DND\MIS robe.dnd at ci.boston.ma.us
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It's the folder I think you want not the file prefix -- syntax should be

ogr2ogr  -f "ESRI Shapefile"  shp mytigerfolder

WHERE mytigerfolder is the folder you have all the tiger files in and shp is
the shape file folder you want created to house the shape files.

I recall having an issue with converting from tiger to shape.  I think the
problem was that some of the layers had no geometries which caused problems
for the shape driver so you have to use one of the other ogr2ogr option tags
to specify only conversion of the completechain or something like that.

When I did it though, I was outputting to map info tab format which seemed
to work fine without any additional options.

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OK, I am sure this is really a simple question, buthere goes:

I am trying to use ogr2ogr to convert from tiger files to shape files, 
but am really stumped as to useage syntax.

I have tried:
    ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" ./shp ./TGR51007
    ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" ./shp ./

(and numerous other permutations) where my tiger files are named 
TGR51007.* and I have created a subdirectory ./shp to store the 
resulting shape files. I get the following error:

Unable to open datasource `./shp' with the following drivers.
   -> ESRI Shapefile
   -> UK .NTF

ogrinfo is able to determine information regarding my tiger files. The 
ogr2ogr I am using is a January 7 build, I am assuming this is the latest.

Any examples, or help would be appreciated.


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