[postgis-users] non-bounding box intersections

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Wed Feb 26 17:26:23 PST 2003

Brent Wood wrote:
> I'm looking at using Postgres/PostGIS to undertake some basic spacial 
> analyses.
> To this end I'm wondering if/when PostGIS will support genuine 
> polygon/line queries instead of bounding box based queries.

Hi Brent and PostGIS world:

If we could make the time, we could have that support in a week, but 
right now we are all working on billable projects.

However, we can be made to reprioritize PostGIS work with the simple 
application of money! Doing free PostGIS work when paying work is 
available is a not-so-smart, so PostGIS gets de-prioritized at busy 
times unless it is paid PostGIS work. If you'd like a quote for getting 
PostGIS-with-predicates out the door, I can whip one up real fast.

Failing that, I cannot guarantee that we'll have the GEOS integration 
done until mid-April. Busy season ends March 31'ish.


> For example, returning the intersection of two polygons (as a new 
> polygon partaking of the appropriate parts of its "parents' boundaries), 
> or identifying the polygons crossed by a line (and returning the 
> truncated line as a new line feature).
> As I read the documentation, PostGIS at present only uses the bounding 
> box of the shapes for such queries, which is not adequate for my needs.
> There is a comment about the development of topological functionality 
> which would appear to address my needs, but no timetable or further 
> information.
> Any suggestions/comments/info appreciated.

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