[postgis-users] PointM, PolyLineM, PolygonM

strk strk at freek.keybit.net
Fri Feb 28 09:01:25 PST 2003

Hello Jeff,
are you planning to include any kind of support for
shapefile "measured geometries" types in shp2pgsql ?

... PointM, PolyLineM and PolygonM ...

They could be threated like the simpler types using
the measurement (optional as stated in the shapefile
technical description) as an additional attribute.

What do you think ?

PS: In my opinion shp2pgsql should return 0 on success and 1 on error
    (or at least return a different value in the two cases).
    Also, it would be nice to have errors printed on stderr so they
    can be separated from SQL code. [ my scripts had hard times ].



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