[postgis-users] PointM, PolyLineM, PolygonM

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri Feb 28 09:21:05 PST 2003

What do people think about supporting measures in general? There are two 

(a) keep the geometries as they are and have and "measure dependant" 
functions assume that the coordinates are (X,Y,M)
(b) expand to 4-d standard geometries, (X,Y,Z,M)

I lean towards option (a), since most people aren't even using xyz 
geometries now, let alone xyzm. A little flag on the geometry could 
indicate whether the geometry is xym or xyz.

Any then of course we'd need to figure out what useful "measure-smart" 
functions would be useful for a LRS implementation in postgis.


strk wrote:
> Hello Jeff,
> are you planning to include any kind of support for
> shapefile "measured geometries" types in shp2pgsql ?

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