[postgis-users] OGDI driver?

Carl Anderson candrsn at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 31 17:05:55 PST 2003

There was some several years ago discussion on this list about writing
and OGDI driver for simple access to postgis.  Has anyone made any 
headway there?

we want to use mapguide as a vertex editor for postgis.  We can push 
geometries into postgis with php as a intermediate backend, but lack a 
way to display the newly added data.

We think that
    mapguide -> SF OLE DB (from GDAL/OGR) -> OGDI -> postgis may be the 
way to go.

Of course GDAL/OGR does directly support postgis but the Win32 binaries 
do not have that compiled in.  Personally I lack a MS compiler and use 
cygwin for Win32 stuff.

Carl Anderson
candrsn at mindspring.com

New Hampshire tells us "common sense for all"
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