[postgis-users] OGDI driver?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jan 31 20:39:24 PST 2003

Carl Anderson wrote:
> There was some several years ago discussion on this list about writing
> and OGDI driver for simple access to postgis.  Has anyone made any 
> headway there?
> we want to use mapguide as a vertex editor for postgis.  We can push 
> geometries into postgis with php as a intermediate backend, but lack a 
> way to display the newly added data.
> We think that
>    mapguide -> SF OLE DB (from GDAL/OGR) -> OGDI -> postgis may be the 
> way to go.
> Of course GDAL/OGR does directly support postgis but the Win32 binaries 
> do not have that compiled in.  Personally I lack a MS compiler and use 
> cygwin for Win32 stuff.


As a major proponent of OGDI I hate to say this, but I don't think there
is a sufficient base of OGDI client applications to justify creating
a PostGIS OGDI driver.  In the case of GDAL/OGR it is better to just
use the direct PostGIS support in OGR.

That doesn't get built in currently because I don't know how.  Anyone
able to implement a PostGIS OGDI driver might be better just helping me
find a PostGIS client DLL to link OGR against.

That all said, if there are OGDI clients (other than OGR) that folks want
to feed from PostGIS I would be happy to implement an OGDI driver for

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