[postgis-users] shp2pgsql bufg

strk strk at freek.keybit.net
Wed Jun 18 01:23:08 PDT 2003

Hello... yet another shp2pgsql problem here !

(( problem 1 ))

>From a shapefile imported with shp2pgsql I get an extra EMPTY geometry.
This is the last INSERT from generated sql:

	insert into "rfi2_14" values('174','0','0','0','0','0.000',
	GeometryFromText('MULTILINESTRING ()',30001) );

It looks like a NULL entry, no dbf data, no geometry... 
The postgis parser does not like 'MULTILINESTRING ()'
"couldn't parse geometry"

Shouldn't shp2pgsql check for these exceptions storing a NULL
geometry instead, and maybe printing a warning  on stderr ?

I'm not considering also the possibility that this last record was not
in the shapefile at all.

(( problem 2 ))

>From a shapefile imported with shp2pgsql I get some MULTILINESTRING
geometries which has someting missed at the beginning of definition:

	'MULTILINESTRING (,686443.612958726 150851.536125343 0 ))',

Getting this problem makes me think that probably problem 1 is also
just shp2pgsql related, might be a bogus multilinestring handling.


any hint on catching the bug ?


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