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Chris G. Nicholas cgn at globexplorer.com
Mon Mar 10 07:59:57 PST 2003

What were you looking for? We have 200+ terabytes of raster content available as an OpenGIS WMS, all of which we index/manipulate using a spatial db. We use transactions to store, move, etc the raster files, but we certainly don't store it all *in* the db.
For example - where do you want decompression of MrSid and/or Jpeg2000 imagery to occur? Where do you want reprojection to occur? How would you control mosaicing? In the db or in the client? 

Chris Nicholas

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I'm new to PostGIS and this list so I'm not sure if this questions came 
already up.

I was wondering if there are any plans on incorporating raster data into 
PostGIS? I had some very good results with using raster data in ArcSDE and 
would like to see a similar feature in PostGIS. Does anybody work on this? Is 
there some need for it? If not, what are the arguments against it?


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