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Obe, Regina DND\MIS robe.dnd at ci.boston.ma.us
Wed Nov 12 06:40:04 PST 2003

Thought something like that.  I suspect the problem is with the OID field.
I think when you create a view with * it doesn't put the OID field in and I
think mapserver needs that, but I'm not running the latest version so this
might have changed.

Try changing your view to 

CREATE VIEW only_pg_land_use AS SELECT oid, *  FROM landusea_region;

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> I'm confused not sure if you put in the right view definition or a typo or
> what, but the view definition you provided is called
> only_pg_view
> But the view you are trying to use is called 
> only_pg_land_use
> Those 2 should match correct?
Thanks but it is only a cut & past mistake, the problem is always data type
(geometry) lose in CREATE VIEW

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