[postgis-users] PostGIS and .NET?

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 I was interested in something similar too.  I was thinking of subclassing
the PostGreSQL.NET driver and basically taking the existing Java classes
that Refractions has provided and converting that to its C# equivalent.
Looking at the code I think it should be a fairly straight forward
conversion and probably a lot of it can be automated with the Java to .NET
conversion tools.

Although I don't know too much about the graphical rendering side of things
when it comes to using it in a meaningful way.

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If you're concept proving, then the .NET driver hopefully does what the 
JDBC driver does with unknown types: returns them as text. So you can 
get the WKT forms of the geometry and parse that. That is all the JDBC 
driver does behind the scenes anyways :) Once you have a 'need for 
speed' you can switch to parsing the WKB, either in ASII or binary form.


Peter Aberline wrote:

> Hi all,
> Does anyone have any experience in using PostGIS with .NET? I know there
> an o/s ADO.NET provider for PostgreSQL in development, and is apparently
> quite functional. But this doesn't take into account the PostGIS specific
> datatypes that are handled by the PostGIS JDBC driver.
> Perhaps I could use a ODBC/JDBC --> .NET bridge or something? Performance
> isn't an issue at this stage as I'm only wanting to prove a concept.
> thanks,
> Peter.

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