[postgis-users] What street-level database are you using?

Jason Garman jgarman at wedgie.org
Thu Nov 20 20:14:07 PST 2003

Hi fellow PostGIS'ers...

First I'd like to extend my thanks for producing an excellent system 
that even a GIS newbie such as myself was able to set up a PostGIS 
system quickly.  I've currently set up a PostGIS table with Tiger/Line 
data (right now a few counties in Maryland) and set up some queries to 
perform primitive geocoding using the data.  PostgreSQL performs 
admirably, returning fuzzy-string based geocode results in well under 
100ms for most searches.

My question is, are there any commercial data sources for street-level 
geocoding products for the US available that are reasonably priced and 
have easy import options into PostGIS?  I've done some cursory searches 
and I haven't found any real information on this subject.

-- jason

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