[postgis-users] geos based spatial queries

Chris Hodgson chodgson at refractions.net
Fri Nov 21 08:45:54 PST 2003

I would expect that the distance check is faster, as the geometry 
doesn't get converted into a GEOS geometry first... but it would be 
interesting to run a test to see which is faster...


Vinko Vrsalovic wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 01:37:22PM -0800, David Blasby wrote:
>>The within() is important - "&&" is only bounding box, while 'within()' 
>>is peformed on the actual geometry.
>>You could also do a "distance(p.the_geom,s.the_geom) <=0" instead of the 
> Is distance()<=0 faster than within()?

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