[postgis-users] Will someone compile PostGIS 0.8.0 and PostgreSQL 7.4 for Win32 and want to share it?

strk strk at keybit.net
Tue Nov 25 02:06:06 PST 2003

sdteffen wrote:
> Hello All,
> > mind users, who do not know how to do all of it ;-) Compiled from PostGIS
> > 0.8.0 and PostgreSQL 7.4. If it is possible to make Win32 binary
> > distribution of these two SW, of course.
> I've just build GEOS 1.0 and PostGIS 0.8.0 for Cygwin PostgreSQL 7.4 and I'm 
> willing to provide an installer for those. 
> However, I wasn't able to link postgres.exe against libstdc++. Is this 
> required for Cygwin? Could someone give me instructions how to do so or how 
> to test for the original problem?

You have to make GEOS throw an exception and see if it kills the backend.
If it does you need to link against libstc++, if you get an error message
(ERROR severity in pgsql) everything is ok. Trying to GeomUnion a collection
should throw an exception, you can try that.


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