[postgis-users] GeomFromWkb() incomplete?

Martin Schäfer Martin.Schaefer at cadcorp.com
Wed Nov 26 04:49:21 PST 2003


I want to use GeomFromWkb() together with the PostgreSQL 7.4 function PQexecParams() for insert and update clauses. This would allow me to pass the WKB as real binary data and not just as a hex-encoded byte string. But I get the following error when I set the parameter format to binary:

ERROR: no binary input function available for type wkb

Is there something wrong with my installation, or is there really no binary input function for well known binary? (Sounds like a no-brainer to me.) Binary output seems to be supported as I can access AsBinary(the_geom) from a binary cursor.

Hexencoding on the client side, transmitting double the amount of bytes and hexdecoding on the server side is an unnecessary overhead, especially when dealing with geometries that contain tens of thousands of vertices.



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