[postgis-users] Problem with VB ADODB and Postgis GEOMETRY type

Nicolas RIBOT nri at scot.cnes.fr
Tue Sep 9 10:34:32 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I try to do some updates into a Postgis database using VBA.
I use ADODB.Command object to prepare an SQL statement for the update
command, with binded parameters.

I don't know what kind of DataType I should use when creating my
parameter. I tried the adVarchar, adBinary, adUserDefined without

Here is the pseudo-code: (in this code, the "geometryFromText..."
command is actually dynamically built in the loop)

'...other variables declared upthere
Dim upQuery As String
Dim cmd as ADODB.Command
'update query (prepared statement)
upQuery = "update clcv1 set the_geom=? where gid=?"
Set cmd = New Command
With cmd
    .ActiveConnection = cn
    .CommandType = adCmdText
    .CommandText = upQuery
End With

' binds parameters for the update command
cmd.parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("the_geom", adUserDefined,
cmd.parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("gid", adInteger,
cmd.Prepared = True
Do While myCondition
        cmd("the_geom").Value = "geometryFromText('POINT (1 2)', -1)"
        cmd("gid").Value = dbID

The code crashes on this line:
cmd("the_geom").Value = "geometryFromText('POINT (1 2)', -1)"
"Run-time error '3421' Application uses a vlaue of the wrong type for
the current operation"

Any hint would be, of course, greatly appreciated.

Nicolas Ribot

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