[postgis-users] PostGIS with Mapserver/Mapscript 4.0 (successful workaround)

Mike Leahy mgleahy at fes.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Sep 16 21:30:01 PDT 2003


I'm just letting you know how I finally got around this problem.  I just went 
into the PostgreSQL source and commented-out the lines that sent the specific 
warning messages I was getting.  Recompiled/installed, and after that 
everything works fine - the image loads fine in Rosa and no messages appear 
after the attributes table.  I'm sure this isn't the most professional 
solution, but it makes things work with my setup until the next mapserver 
binary is released...

Here are the actual changes I made:

pquery.c - lines 112-113 commented-out:

		//elog(WARNING, "Closing pre-existing portal \"%s\"",
		//	 portalName);

xact.c - line 1562 commented-out:

		//elog(WARNING, "BEGIN: already a transaction in progress");

Thanks again.


Quoting Mike Leahy <mgleahy at fes.uwaterloo.ca>:

> David,
> Thanks for the response, and I apologize for the confusion.  
> Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to sit tight and wait until a Win32
> build is available.  I've already tried compiling/installing the supporting
> packages required for Mapserver, and that alone is leading me to more
> errors.  I don't think I could get this done in a reasonable amount of time.
> On top of that, I'm running MapServer with IIS in WinXP...I'm not really
> sure if Mapserver compiled in cygwin work for IIS - would it?  Is there any
> way for me to know when the changes have been updated in Win32 development
> version of Mapserver?
> The project I'm working on is developing a spatially-enabled education
> quality assessment database for use by participants from developing
> countries.  Our goal is to get something presentable running before
> November.  While things are working more-or-less with the older 'unknown'
> build of PostGIS that we have, I was hoping to take advantage of more useful
> functionality in the latest versions.
> At any rate, I really appreciate your help.
> Kind regards,
> Mike
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> Mike Leahy wrote:
> > As a workaround, I changed the USE_GEOS parameter to 0 in the
> makefile...so
> > I was able to install PostGIS without the GEOS support.  Unfortunately,
> I've
> > come full-circle to my original problem.  I'm still getting the warning
> > messages tacked onto the end of my PHP script output when performing a map
> > query that selects more than one object:
> > 
> > 
> >>WARNING: BEGIN: already a transaction in progress WARNING: Closing 
> >>pre- existing portal "mycursor" WARNING: BEGIN: already a transaction 
> >>in progress
> >>WARNING: Closing pre-existing portal "mycursor" WARNING: BEGIN: already a 
> >>transaction in progress WARNING: Closing pre-existing portal "mycursor" 
> >>WARNING: etc...
> Two things, mike;
> 1. You need to re-compile mapserver, not PostGIS
> 2. As I said in my last message, I havent actually committed the changes 
> yet.  (I made a bunch of other very minor changes and havent had time to 
> test them)
> I've attached a mappostgis.c that you can use in mapserver that should 
> solve your problem.
> dave
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