[postgis-users] postgis support for 7.4 betas

Jeff Hoffmann jeff at propertykey.com
Sun Sep 28 08:26:49 PDT 2003

David Blasby wrote:
> Jeff Hoffmann wrote:
> I did basically the same thing (and modified another function).

Thanks for confirming that for me, although I've run into another 
problem.  I had some experience mucking around with cost estimates 
several versions ago it wasn't so daunting to dig around in the source 
and try to fix it.  The new problem, I'm not so sure where the problem 
lies.  I'm trying to use PostgreSQL 7.4b3/PostGIS 0.7.5(patched with new 
estimate code you gave me) along with MapServer 4.0.  Something has 
broken the binary cursors that MapServer uses when it queries the 
database for a layer.  Here's the error that I get:

msPOSTGISLayerWhichShapes(): Query error. Error executing POSTGIS  SQL 
asbinary(force_collection(force_2d(the_geom)),'NDR'),OID::text from 
county WHERE the_geom && setSRID('BOX3D(-82.2975991147483 
27.9197193376958,-82.2935143751022 27.9224420799425)'::BOX3D, 
find_srid('','county','the_geom') )
-ERROR:  no binary output function available for type wkb

When I execute the query outside of the cursor it seems to work & when I 
do it with a standard (non-binary) cursor, it apparently works.  Only in 
the binary cursor do I get the "no binary output function available..." 
error.  Do you have any ideas why this would be happening or even some 
clues to searching out what has changed to cause this problem in 7.4?

Jeff Hoffmann

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