[postgis-users] postgis support for 7.4 betas

Jeff Hoffmann jeff at propertykey.com
Mon Sep 29 13:29:37 PDT 2003

David Blasby wrote:

> I looked a little deeper.  It looks like they changed how binary is 
> created/sent around in 7.4.  There's not much documentation on it, but 
> if you look at the 7.4 description of CREATE TYPE:::

Thanks again for your help.  I think I'm learning more than I ever 
wanted to know about PostgreSQL.

> So, it looks like we need to change the CREATE TYPE of WKB to (see 
> 'SEND='):
>     internallength = variable,
>     input = wkb_in,
>     output = wkb_out,
>     storage = extended,
> );
> I havent tried this at all, but I think it should work.

Actually, it should be "send=bytea" instead of "send=WKBtoBYTEA", but 
that does the trick when I revert back to the original asbinary function 
definition.  Besides adding that line, the only other change I made was 
that I had to move the function definition of bytea to right before the 
"CREATE TYPE" command so it was available for the command.

Now that these two problems have been fixed, everything else that I need 
to do seems to be working fine (so far).


Jeff Hoffmann

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