[GENERAL] [postgis-users] Union as an aggregate

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Tue Sep 30 16:25:44 PDT 2003


I've been looking for the source of the memory leak.  I was able to 
reproduce "the problem" on my Linux machine.

I couldnt find any reason for a leak.  I had orginally thought that the 
POSTGIS->GEOS or GEOS->POSTGIS converters might be leaking.

My first check was on the POSTGIS->GEOS converter.

I've attached a simple little .cpp program that creates polygons the 
same way as the postgis code does.  I checked with valgrind, and it 
leaks a constant amount of memory (probably static structures inside 

So, that indicates its not the POSTGIS->GEOS convertor.  I also looked 
at the postgis geomUnion() functions.  I dont think there's a leak there.

I'm looking at the GEOS->POSTGIS converter and I think I might have 
found a problem.

ps. how do you pronounce "strk"?  stUrk? stIrk?
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