[GENERAL] [postgis-users] Union as an aggregate

strk strk at keybit.net
Tue Sep 30 17:11:15 PDT 2003

dblasby wrote:
> strk,
> I've been looking for the source of the memory leak.  I was able to 
> reproduce "the problem" on my Linux machine.
> I couldnt find any reason for a leak.  I had orginally thought that the 
> POSTGIS->GEOS or GEOS->POSTGIS converters might be leaking.
> My first check was on the POSTGIS->GEOS converter.
> I've attached a simple little .cpp program that creates polygons the 
> same way as the postgis code does.  I checked with valgrind, and it 
> leaks a constant amount of memory (probably static structures inside 
> geos).
> So, that indicates its not the POSTGIS->GEOS convertor.  I also looked 
> at the postgis geomUnion() functions.  I dont think there's a leak there.
> I'm looking at the GEOS->POSTGIS converter and I think I might have 
> found a problem.

I'm also getting a segfault, but I'm still working on isolating the
geometries (one of the two is the result of previous unions inside
the unite() aggregate). Let me know if what you found might cause
that as well.

> dave
> ps. how do you pronounce "strk"?  stUrk? stIrk?

I'm not sure yet ... its a contraction, do sturk or stirk mean something ?
I think 'stark' is the easier way,
some time ago I wrote a document about it ;) 


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