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Stefano Bonnin stefano.bonnin at comai.to
Mon Dec 6 00:36:52 PST 2004


I'm trying to update postgis from 0.9 to the lastest cvs.
If I use the postgis_restore.pl procedure it returns me the following error:

pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.10) in file header

I'm updating also from postgres-beta5 to postgres-RC1

It seems that pg_restore command doesn't work.

The procedure is the following
pg_dump -Fc mydb >mydb.dump
postgis_restore lwpostgis.sql mydb2 mydb.dump

and after few seconds
SQLFUNC: buffer(geometry, double precision)
SQLFUNC: buffer(geometry, double precision, integer)
SQLFUNC: convexhull(geometry)
SQLFUNC: difference(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: boundary(geometry)
SQLFUNC: symdifference(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: symmetricdifference(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: geomunion(geometry, geometry)
SQLAGG memgeomunion(geometry)
SQLFUNC: unite_garray(geometry[])
SQLAGG geomunion(geometry)
SQLFUNC: relate(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: relate(geometry, geometry, text)
SQLFUNC: disjoint(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: touches(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: intersects(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: crosses(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: within(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: contains(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: overlaps(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: isvalid(geometry)
SQLFUNC: geosnoop(geometry)
SQLFUNC: centroid(geometry)
SQLFUNC: isring(geometry)
SQLFUNC: pointonsurface(geometry)
SQLFUNC: issimple(geometry)
SQLFUNC: equals(geometry, geometry)
SQLFUNC: assvg(geometry, integer, integer)
SQLFUNC: assvg(geometry, integer)
SQLFUNC: assvg(geometry)
SQLFUNC: asgml(geometry, integer, integer)
SQLFUNC: asgml(geometry, integer)
SQLFUNC: asgml(geometry)
Scanning crs.dump list
pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.10) in file header
Producing ascii dump crs.dump.ascii
pg_restore: [archiver] unsupported version (1.10) in file header
Creating db (crs)
Adding plpgsql
Can't run psql

Thanks in advance.
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