[postgis-users] Migration 0.9 to 1.0 cvs

Stefano Bonnin stefano.bonnin at comai.to
Mon Dec 6 05:31:48 PST 2004


I'm updating postgis to 1.0.0 cvs from 0.9 version.
For this purpose I use the postgis_restore.pl script.

I have 2 postgres server:

    the 8.0.0 beta5 with postgis 0.9 (port 5432)
    and the 8.0.0 RC1 with the postgis-cvs (1.0.0) port 5433

$ pg_dump -Fc mydb >mydb.dump
$ postgis_restore.pl lwpostgis.sql myNEWdb mydb.dump 5433

Now, when I run the script (I have modified it in order to create the new database at the port 5433) I notice that It installs the old 0.9 postgres libraries! but I use the lwpostgis.sql script that comes with the cvs version!

PS. The old database with Postgis0.9 was created with a postgis.sql script where I replaced the $libdir variable with the absolute path of the 0.9 libraries. Can be this a problem?

Thanks in advance.
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