[postgis-users] PostGIS 0.9.1

TECHER Jean David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 13 02:42:56 PST 2004

Hi Paul

I had an-email with Magnus Hagander who is responsible for pginstaller...

Since PG 8.0.0 final will be ready soon (maybe for the end of this week)...
He is ready to put geos, proj et postgis in his installer for windows...

What about you for geos 2.1.0, proj 4.4.9 and postgis 0.9.1???

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> I have rolled out the numerous changes in the 0.9 branch to a 0.9.1
> release.
> Next up is a 1.0RC1 release. I hope people will take a little time to
> test the 1.0RC series, as it represents a major shift in the code base.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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