[postgis-users] User manual of SFS for SQL: ask for feedback

Stepan RYBAR xrybs01 at seznam.cz
Wed Dec 15 00:46:02 PST 2004


We, me and my friend, are writing user manual about SFS for SQL. This 
manual is targeted to users, who has at least very basic knowledge about 
spatial objects, topology, SQL. What is covered as at today in this manual?

1) Spatial classes hierarchy according to SFS for SQL;
2) for each spatial class definition, examples from real world, picture 
with examples, its functions, inherited functions all according to SFS 
for SQL;
3) what is topology;
4) spatial operators according to SFS for SQL;
5) spatial functions according to SFS for SQL;
6) translation of most of build-in topology constrains-rules in 
ArcGIS9.0 into SQL (to be used as triggers).

Each spatial class function, spatial operator and spatial function has 
an example in SQL, some also Java style declaration. Manual has now 
about 60 pages of A4.

This manual is now school work of my friend, who use for it OGC SFS for 
SQL, some my older works about SQL for SQL and software like JTS, 
PostGIS, ArcGIS Desktop. This work should be finished in January 2005. 
We are going to publish this work at February 2005 under any "open 
source" licence to be accessible to anyone or even to be part of "open 
source" SW. Before it we need to strip copyrighted parts (mostly 
pictures) or replace them with our own "artwork".

So Why I am writin to You? Although this work is now in Czech languague 
(in February will be of course in English), it is so much technical, 
that anyone can understand it. If someone from You are interested, can 
You quickly read it and give us some feedback - what is wrong, what is 
missing etc. Do not worry about Czech languague - principal parts of 
work are pictures, SQL commands, declarations. Another question is under 
which licence we should to publish it? GPL and LGPL are for software, 
rather for documentation. What about AL of FDL? I do not know nothing 
about them. Work is in attachments in two files in PDF format - 
Diplom_konzultace_2.8.pdf is the main document, while 
Hlavicka+podekovani.pdf is the preface.

We welcome any feedback. Thank You in advance.


Stepan Rybar
e-mail: xrybs01 at seznam.cz
mobil: +420607636256
Modra 6, Stodulky 1979, Praha, 155 00
IC: 71078592 AC: 22123199
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