[postgis-users] Upgrade PostGIS/GEOS

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Mon Jan 12 09:35:09 PST 2004

Jeff Hoffmann wrote:
> Something I've always wondered about is if there is a good reason why 
> the function declarations in postgis.sql don't use "CREATE OR REPLACE 
> FUNCTION" instead of a plain "CREATE FUNCTION".  That would fix the 
> problem, wouldn't it?

The "CREATE OR REPLACE" syntax isnt available in postgresql 7.1 - it was 
introduced in 7.2.

You would have to check to make sure the "REPLACE" functionality 
properly keeps the same OID.

Also, the postgis.sql file does more than just function creation.  It 
also does type creation, index creation, and adds a few tables.


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