[postgis-users] jump PostGIS driver with better schema support

Carl Anderson carl.anderson at vadose.org
Mon Jan 12 21:09:23 PST 2004

for testing and comments with schema support in PostGIS CVS

notes from geometry_columns

f_table_catalog should alway be an empty string (if it is populated it  
will be assumed that PG supports cross DB queries. PG does not, yet.)

f_table_schema may be empty if the geometry table can be reach using  
f_table_schema must be empty if there are no schemas.

geometry tables MAY have more than one geometry (each is selectable if  
each has an entry in geometry_columns)

I am using my proposed String representation for tables
and it is used as the datasource name.

the save dialog collects input but, saving is still broken.
particular problems exist with columns with a PG datatype of "double".

Test JUMP PostGIS Driver 1.1 pre2

*  Rearrange Load and Save Driver Panels
*  Load Dialog has been changed to support schemas and per
      geometry column selection.

What is Working
   Load table having geometries
   Load specifc geometry from table having more than one
   Save Dataset As (dialog only, action is broken)
   Browsing for PostGIS Tables

What is Not Working
  Save Edits
  FeatureCollection Model

 carl.anderson at vadose.org (01-12-2004)
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