[postgis-users] Backend crashes when collect()ing Box3ds

Ron Mayer rm_postgis at cheapcomplexdevices.com
Wed Oct 6 03:02:55 PDT 2004

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004 strk at refractions.net wrote (quotes re-ordered):
> The intersets() seems a bug, what GEOS version are you using ?

On windows, according to postgis_full_version() it was GEOS="2.0.0".

On linux it was geos-1.0.0 so I'll upgrade that tomorrow too.

Both versions returned true for:

  select intersects('BOX3D(-1 -1 -1, 1 1 -2)'::box3d, 
                    'BOX3D(-1 -1  1, 1 1  2)'::box3d);

> Should try 0.9.0 or pgis_0_9_0 CVS branch.

On the windows machine I used the pre-compiled binary form dcmms
that was called "postgis-setup-0.9.0-1.exe" yet 
postgis_full_version() tells me it's "POSTGIS="0.8.2".   Hmm.
Guess I'll need to learning how to compile something with windows.
If I figure out how to use a complie on wndows, I'll try GEOS2.0.1 
there as well.

For the Linux system it was 0.8.2.  I'm downloading 0.9.0 now... hope to 
try tomorrow.

> For the collect() case I bet it's an OutOfMemory condition, often
> overlooked. Postgis-1.0 will have a memory management layer, that
> would help in this cases. 

That is quite possible.  It would also explain another long-ago posting
I made where I never was able to create a simple testcase for a backend 

> The && problem is not a bug, it's a 2d-only operation....
> The ordering operator is a missing btree operator class needed......

As always, thanks much for all the help!


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