[postgis-users] GTK/Gnome GIS Client

Ezequias R. da Rocha ezequias at recife.pe.gov.br
Mon Aug 8 04:37:14 PDT 2005

Scott Ellington wrote:

>This is slightly offtopic but, has anyone else come across the need for
>a Gtk/Gnome Client for GIS?  I have searched and found nothing viable
>like QGIS for KDE.  Fmaps (http://fmaps.sourceforge.net/ ) is the only
>one I have found, and it appears inactive.
>I would be happy with just a postgis table/shapefile viewer, but would
>like more features.  Would anyone be willing to contribute on such a
>For my own curiosity, I have done some work with Mono
>(http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page) and built a little Shapefile
>viewer.  Here is a pic:
>It would also be interesting to use Cairo
>(http://cairographics.org/introduction ) for the drawing.
Try, JUMP www.jump-project.org

Good luck !

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